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Led Zeppelin - Roots (The Early Years)

[CD-Rip/Various Sources]

This is a very interesting silver bootleg - CD from 1991 featuring some early recordings of Led Zeppelin as well as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. If you don't have this one, get it! It's a treat, even if you are not a Led Zep-Fan!
This is not to be confused with the several "Led Zeppelin Roots" - CDs circulating that feature nothing but tracks and artists that have supposedly influenced Led Zeppelin!!!

01 - You better run
02 - Everybody's gonna say
03 - Our song
04 - Laughing, crying, laughing
05 - Long time coming
06 - I've got a secret
07 - Garden of my mind
08 - Shapes of things
09 - Happening ten years time ago
10 - Over under sideway down
11 - I'm a man
12 - Communication breakdown
13 - How many more times
14 - Dazed and confused

Tr. 01-06: Robert Plant solo singles 1966/67
Tr. 07: Mickey Finn (obscure single feat. Jimmy Page as session guitarist)
Tr. 08-11: Yardbirds live in Cologne (Germany), March 1967 (feat. Jimmy Page)
Tr. 12-14: First Led Zeppelin TV-appearance, London Dec. 1968

Enjoy this great compilation of early stuff!

192 kb/s VBR

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