Freitag, 1. Januar 2010

Black Sabbath - Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1975 - DVD

As promised, here's another DVD for you. Sound and picture are excellent, this was obviously re-broadcasted on French TV and ripped to this DVD. Credits go to whoever did this, you did a good job!

It's a great show, it rocks! Enjoy!!!

- Killing yourself to live
- Hole in the sky
- Snowblind
- War Pigs
- Paranoid


5 Kommentare:

  1. oh i soo remember don kirshners rock concerts.. like the midnight specials, it was on late at night, and if it had been on earlier, i probably would not have ever seen it.. growing up in a decidedly non- rock friendly household.. (although the Beatles were the exception.. even though my folks didn't 'get' it, my mom thought that those 'yeah yeah yeah ' guys were 'gezellig - i don't know how that translates in inglish!)'.. so we got to see all those broadcasts..
    But Sabbath... NOT!
    I hadda sneak into the living room after the family had been to bed for several hours, and QUIETLY turn on the B&W set.. cuz the folks said they was 'FLAU" .. i don't know how that traslates ewither, but it aint good ;-)
    Saw the stones doing the Cutty Sark/Eat'em Alive show, Sabbath, Doobies, Kiss, etc.. on kirshners, but near the end of it's run, it got sucky..
    How ya been?? Havent talked 2 U since LAST YEAR!
    Cheers... Doc!

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