Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

John Mellencamp - Carolina Shag

More great music from John Mellencamp to kick off the day (I'll probably post some more stuff later today!)....
It's Halloween and everyone seems to post some very special Halloween stuff today so I decided to do everyone bothered by Halloween, Halloween posts etc etc a favor and stick to posting the same music I'd post on any other day of the year! This way you have the choice what to go for... All Hallow's Eve or just some good music!
....and good music is what you're gonna get. This is a silver bootleg from 1993 featuring both the Timothy White Session from 1991 as well as a show from Lincoln, Nebraska 1983. Two tracks from the latter where available on the "John's Garage" boot which is more or less the same as the "Welcome to the garage" boot I posted recently with different bonus tracks. Instead of just 2 you'll get 10 tracks here - enjoy!!!
Sound quality is excellent!
Oh yeah, please note the quite interesting set lists for both shows:
01 - Get a leg up
02 - Carolina Shag
03 - Again tonight
04 - Love and happiness
05 - Under the boardwalk
06 - Cherry Bomb
07 - Cold sweat
08 - 30 Days in the hole
09 - Ain't even done with the night
10 - Thundering hearts
11 - Hand to hold on to
12 - Fire and water
13 - Hurts so good
14 - Jack and Diane
15 - Night dancing
16 - I think I'm really in love
17 - I need a lover
01-07: Timothy White Session 1991
08-17: Lincoln, Nebraska 1983
PLEASE NOTE: I have just noticed I have accidently named Track 16 "I need a lover", too. Don't worry, it IS "I think I'm really in love" - my bad! Just rename it and enjoy!
192 kb/s

Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

Earl Greyhound - Sessions an' more [REQUEST]

As requested by Dart on the shoutbox, here's some Earl Greyhound.

To be more precise, some radio sessions they played as well as a number of live tracks including some unreleased tracks and a Stevie Nicks as well as a Fleetwood Mac - Cover.

Due to the various sources, the quality varies, but the sound quality of most of the tracks is great, some of the live tracks sound a bit raw, but not too bad.

In case you're not familiar with this band, check out their album "Soft targets" and/or go to see them live. May this boot wet your appetite!

As always.... enjoy!

01 - Welcome to Daytrotter
02 - Hellhound
03 - Oye Vaya
04 - SOS
05 - This Tree
06 - Good
07 - I'm The One
08 - Oye Vaya
09 - Dreams
10 - Hellbound
11 - You make loving fun
12 - It's over
13 - Monkey
14 - Yeah I love you

01-05: Daytrotter Radio Session June 2008
06-08: Pop Machine Session 2008
09: NYC, Highline Ballroom - 19th Annual Night of 1000 Stevies
10: LA, The Troubadour 2007
11: New Year's Eve 2008
12-14: LA, Silverlake Lounge 31-01-2007



Bruce Springsteen - Carhaix, France, July 16th 2009 - Radio braodcast


While all of the nice audience recording from Bruce's recent tour are circulating all over the internet and beyond (and really don't need to posted here again), I thought some of you maybe interested in a few pro recorded tracks, so here's this nice little thingy from France:
The French radio station France Inter broadcasted a special featuring Bruce Springsteen this summer. Except for the songs listed below, they did an half hour interview and talked about Bruce a lot and played some studio tracks.

I have stripped this recording of the intro and outro for two reasons:
-it's all in French (which I don't speak and according to my visitor statistics most of you don't speak French either!)
-AND because of the studio tracks they played, because they're available on official releases.

About the interview, it's dubbed in French, too but in case some of you may want it anyway, I have uploaded it, too so you can choose if you want the complete package or just the music!

The live tracks were recorded on the day mentioned above at the Les Vieilles Charrues Festival in Carhaix.

- Outlaw Pete
- Out In The Street
- Working On A Dream
- Seeds

- Johnny 99


Clicking the link below will let you download either the music, the interview or both!

320 kb/s


Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

Neil Young - Cork, Ireland, The Marquee, June 30th 2008

[Excellent Audience]

Here's a really awesome sounding audience recording of an equally awesome show from the summer of 2008. The set is full of energy, power and great music, of course! Get it and enjoy!!!

01 Love and Only Love
02 Hey Hey, My My
03 Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
04 Spirit Road
05 I've Been Waiting for You
06 All Along the Watchtower
07 Oh, Lonesome Me
08 Mother Earth
09 The Needle and the Damage Done
10 Unknown Legend
11 Heart of Gold
12 Get Back to the Country
13 Words
14 No Hidden Path
15 Encore Break
16 A Day in the Life

192 kb/s


Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

John Mellencamp - Deer Creek, Noblesville IN, July 4th, 1992


More quality rock music from John Mellencamp for you guys!

I bought the "Workingman's Rock & Roll" silver boot when it came out on "Royal Sound Music" back in the early nineties. I've enjoyed it ever since, but a few years ago I discovered a more complete version of the same show he played during the "Whenever we wanted" tour.

While the CD has 14 tracks only, here are 25 of them! I guess it's safe to assume that this is the complete show and it's another winner, be sure to grab this one if you're into Mr.Mellencamp's music! I think this version was available as a boot named "The 4th of July" for a while...

Although I am not posting the CD-Rip here - I'm sure you'll prefer to download the full show, I'm posting the artwork anyway, thought you might want to check it out:

01 - Love and Happiness
02 - Paper in Fire
03 - Jack and Diane
04 - Lonely Ol' Night
05 - Check It Out
06 - Rain on the Scarecrow
07 - Martha Say
08 - The Real Life
09 - Rumble Seat
10 - Get a Leg Up
11 - Jackie Brown
12 - Small Town
13 - Minutes to Memories
01 - Now More Than Ever
02 - Pop Singer
03 - Crumblin' Down
04 - R.O.C.K. in the USA
05 - Play Guitar
06 - Hurts So Good
07 - Authority Song
08 - Pink Houses
09 - Cherry Bomb
10 - Love and Happiness
11 - Big Daddy of them All
12 - All Along the Watch Tower



Bob Dylan - Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall, April 10th 2009

[Soundboard OR awesome audience recording]

From April of this year, here's a show by good ol' Bob Dylan. He seems to be in a good mood, it sounds as if he has to giggle about the sarcasm in his own lyrics while he's singing them, just check out "Like a rolling stone"!

I got this in a trade and the cover came with it, also the taper's name is given: Banalny - credits go to him (or her!?)!!!

01 - Introduction
02 - Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
03 - When I Paint My Masterpiece
04 - Watching The River Flow
05 - Boots Of Spanish Leather
06 - Rollin' And Tumblin'
07 - Po' Boy
08 - Honest With Me
09 - Workingman's Blues No. 2
10 - High Water (For Charley Patton)
11 - Love Sick
01 - Highway 61 Revisited
02 - Nettie Moore
03 - Summer Days
04 - Like A Rolling Stone
05 - All Along The Watchtower
06 - Spirit On The Water
07 - Blowin' In The Wind

256 kb/s


Neil Young and his Electric Band - New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, May 3rd 2009


Fair Grounds Race Course, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, May 3rd 2009

Neil has played this year's New Orleans Jazz festival along with other "famous Jazz artists" like Bon Jovi and Kings of Leon. Nothing wrong with these bands, but just like Montreux, the term "Jazz Festival" seems to lose it's meaning....

Neil played on Sunday, the final day of the festival, before the Neville Brothers delivered the closing set (as every year btw!).

This is an audience recording, but a quite good one. Part of the set is electric, part of it is acoustic and he's also playing some songs from the "Fork..." album. Recommended!

01 - Intro + Tuning
02 - Love And Only Love
03 - Hey Hey My My
04 - Are You Ready For The Country
05 - Everybody Knows This Nowhere
06 - Pocahontas
07 - Change Your Mind
08 - Cinnamon Girl
09 - Mother Earth
10 - Needle And The Damage Is Done
11 - Light A Candle
12 - Heart Of Gold
13 - Old Man
14 - Speakin' Out
15 - Down By The River
16 - Get Behind The Wheel
17 - Rockin' In The Free World
18 - A Day In The Life

256 kb/s


Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009

Thin Lizzy - Hitchin, Regal Theatre 1983


This a an excellent video from this legendary band's farewell tour. Picture and sound are great and just look at the setlist if you need any further reason to get this. If you're still not sure, it's got John Sykes on guitar...


-Introduction by Pete Drummond


-Cold sweat
-The sun goes down

-The boys are back in town
-Baby please don't go

Duration: 33:00 mins.


Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

Steve Winwood - Live USA 1989 - Mansfield, Maine 1989


Released in 1991 on the Stentor label, this boot is really EXCELLENT. I remembered that I was hesitating back then, I wasn't sure if I should get it or not. The guy selling it recommended it so much to me, I couldn't help but buy it. He was no liar, this is a great show!

01 - Freedom Overspill
02 - Dancin' Shoes
03 - Don't You Know What The Night Can Do?
04 - The Finer Things
05 - Low Spark & High Heeled Boys
06 - Glad
07 - While You See A Change
08 - Roll With It
09 - Valerie
10 - Higher Love
11 - Back In The High Life Again
12 - Gimme Some Lovin'

192 kb/s


The Rolling Stones - Live in Honolulu - Hawaii, July 28th 1966


Stones anyone? There's always room for another vintage Stones recording, isn't it? I'm not sure anymore when this boot was released, but I think I bought it in the late 80, s - must've been one of my first CD bootlegs, if not THE first I ever bought.

Anyway, that's not the only reason I like this one, it's really enjoyable and fun to listen to. The sound quality is quite good for a 40+ years old recording. Get it and enjoy!

01 - Let's Spend The Night Together
02 - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
03 - Ruby Tuesday
04 - Paint It Black
05 - Little Red Rooster
06 - Around And Around
07 - Satisfaction
08 - Time Is On My Side
09 - Have you seen your mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows
10 - The Last Time
11 - As Tears Go By
12 - 19th Nervous Breakdown
13 - Lady Jane

192 kb/s

John Cougar (Mellencamp) - Overdrive - Boston 1989


You just can't go wrong with this guy! Here's another great silver boot from Johnny.

It says John Cougar on the cover although he was already calling himself John Mellencamp at that time. Also, the funny collage on the cover makes him look like he's either a very small guy or sitting on a giant car!!! Well, who cares, enjoy the fine music!!!!

...and look forward to finding more Mellencamp here in the days to come!

01 - Paper and fire
02 - Jack and Diane
03 - Lonely 'ol night
04 - Check it out
05 - Scarecrow
06 - Rumble street
07 - Small town
08 - Crumblin' down
09 - Play guitar
10 - Gloria (Van Morrison)
11 - Hurts so good
12 - Authority song
13 - Pink houses
14 - Cherry bomb

192 kb/s

Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

Journey - Graspop Metal Meeting 2009


Another one of the festival shows Journey played in Europe during the summer. The set is great, the sound is a bit distorted at times, I'm sorry for that, but I think it's still a quite enjoyable show if you're into Journey. Also, the show is longer than Download Festival set, they played for app. 70 mins.

I have ripped the pics from the video to wet your appetite! ;) Enjoy!!!

01 - Separate ways
02 - Stone in love

03 - Ask the lonely

04 - Change for the better

05 - Lights

06 - Edge of the blade
07 - Wheel in the sky

08 - Chain reaction

09 - One more

10 - Wildest dreams

11 - Faithfully

12 - Don't stop believing

13 - Anyway you want it

192 kb/s


John Mellencamp - Farm Aid 2008


From the same festival, here's John's set and a good one, too. Enjoy!!!

01 - Pink Houses
02 - Check It Out
03 - Minutes to Memories
04 - Small Town
05 - Rain on the Scarecrow
06 - Troubled Land
07 - If I Die Sudden
08 - The Authority Song



Neil Young - Farm Aid 2008


Another quality performance by good ol' Neil. Nuff said!

01 - Love and Only Love
02 - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
03 - Powderfinger
04 - Mother Earth
05 - Unknown Legend
06 - Old Man
07 - Get Back to the Country
08 - A Day in the Life



Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

John Mellencamp - Welcome to the garage - 1992


Here we have another great silver boot from Mr. Mellencamp, released in 1992 by Beech Marten Records. The first 10 tracks are great alternative versions of some of his most famous tracks, the sound quality is awesome. John and the band are obviously having fun playing this cool set.

100% recommended! Enjoy!

01 - Paper in fire
02 - Jack and Diane
03 - Lonely ol' night
04 - Check it out
05 - Rain on the scarecrow
06 - Martha Say
07 - Real life
08 - Get a leg up
09 - Again tonight
10 - Authority song
11 - Small town.
12 - Pink houses
13 - Like a Rolling Stone

01-10: Live in John's Garage, Jan 6th 1992 (probably his home studio, but "garage" sounds far more rock'n'roll, huh!?)
11-12: Live acoustic in the studio 1991
13: Live during 1988 US-Tour

192 kb/s


Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

Neil Young - Live under Harvest Moon - New York, Feb 14th 1992


This boot was quite a hot item in 1992 because a lot of the songs were unreleased at that time and back in an age without internet and CD-writers such boots were the only way of getting hold of some rare stuff - along with tape trading (remember?).


01 - Long May You Run
02 - Unknown Legend
03 - From Hank To Hendrix
04 - Depression Blues
05 - Silver and Gold
06 - You and Me
07 - War of Man
08 - Old King
09 - Such A Woman
10 - Harvest Moon
11 - Heart Of Gold
12 - Dreamin' Man
13 - Natural Beauty

192 kb/s


Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

Leo Sayer - Boston,Paul's Mall, March 9 1975 - REQUEST


Sometimes the stuff you don't really expect to impress you, the stuff you get "just to check out" or because somebody recommended it to you or whatever turns out to be the best.

This is a perfect example. I remember finding this a few years ago and the description on the site I got it from (no idea what site that was though, so if it was yours: THANKS!) sounded kinda interesting, so I downloaded it "just to check it out" and was VERY surprised how good this turned out to be.

I guess what makes this so appealing in the first place is the fact that you can tell how much fun Leo had playing this show and this makes it fun to listen to it, too. It just makes you wanna listen to it as a whole instead of skipping forward to check out the songs you know.

The performance is tight and full of "positive energy", putting a smile on your face when you least expect it. This boot is definitely one of the big surprises you can experience if you listen to a lot of shows. Enjoy!!!!


01 - Giving It All Away

02 - Oh Wot A Life
03 - Tomorrow

04 - The Bells Of St.Marys

05 - Train
06 - In My Life
07 - One Man Band
08 - Telepath
09 - Another Time
10 - Drop Back
11 - Long Tall Glasses
12 - The Show Must Go On

192 kb/s


John Cougar Mellencamp - Live USA - New York 1980


New York City, NY
The Bottom Line

The "Live USA" silver bootlegs were released about 20 years ago and sold dead cheap at record stores, mainly in Germany. Some of them were actually really good and this is one of them! As you can see, the packaging is kinda shoddy (note the misspelling of Mellencamp!!!), but for about five Euro/seven bucks you couldn't go too wrong.

Since this is my first Mellencamp post I wanna let you know that - not matter what he was calling himself at that time: Johnny Cougar, John Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp etc - I'll label all posts "John Mellencamp" so you can easily find all posts using the guide on the right. I'll post more stuff from this guy really soon!

Enjoy this nice show!

01 - Hot Night In A Cold Town
02 - Night Dancin'
03 - Sugar Marie
04 - Small Paradise
05 - Cheap Shot
06 - Taxi Dancer
07 - Great Midwest
08 - Ain't Even Done With The Night
09 - This Time
10 - Welcome To Chinatown
11 - I Need A Lover
12 - Miami

192 kb/s

Ryan Adams Killers - Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2003

[Great Audience]

Ryan Adams seems to be pretty much underrated, of a lot of rock fans obviously have a low opinion of him. Maybe because he is releasing so much stuff and has done a few poppy and some strange songs, too. I have to admit that I never bothered about his output too much myself until I discovered this show a few years ago. It managed to change my opinion of him during the first listen.

I'm not sure where I got this from, I think I found it on some blog (probably defunct, because I don't remember its name or seeing it again recently) about five years ago, so cheers to the original uploader/poster.

Anyway, this is too good to pass by. This show really rocks and is full of energy, it's simply fun listening to it. The audience recording catches the vibe and spirit of the show really well, making it so enjoyable. Do yourself a favor and give this one a try!!!! Awesome stuff!

01 - 1974.mp3
02 - This Is It.mp3
03 - She's Lost Total Control.mp3
04 - Luminol.mp3
05 - Note To Self Don't Die.mp3
06 - Boys.mp3
07 - Liar.mp3
08 - Wish You Were Here.mp3
09 - Wish You Were Here.mp3
10 - Wish You Were Here.mp3
11 - Do Miss America (barbershop style).mp3
12 - Shallow.mp3
13 - Anybody Wanna Take Me Home.mp3
14 - Ann Arbor, Michigan (Improv).mp3
15 - To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High).mp3
16 - Love Is Hell.mp3
17 - Firecracker.mp3
18 - Come Pick Me Up.mp3
19 - Burning Photographs.mp3
20 - So Alive.mp3



Marillion - Splintering Heart - Lausanne, Oct 19th 1991


After posting a few shows with Fish on vocals, here's one with the new line up. Expect more to come by the way, both with Fish and Steve Hogarth!

This silver bootleg was released in 1992 on the "Metal Mess" label.

01 - Splintering Heart
02 - Garden Party
03 - Dry Land
04 - The Party
05 - The Space
06 - A collection
07 - Waiting to happen
08 - Cover my Eyes
09 - Lords of the Backstage
10 - Blind Curve
11 - This town
12 - The Rake's progress
13 - Hundred nights
14 - No one can
15 - Holidays in Eden/Happy Ending

192 kb/s


Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

Aldo Nova - Cleveland, Agora Ballroom 1982


WMMS 100.7 Coffee Break Concert
"Cleveland's Premium Rock Station"

In my opinion, Aldo Nova never really got the success and recognition he deserved. Most people seem to write him off as "just another AOR/Melodic Hard Rock artist". This is simply not true and WTF would be wrong with it if it was??? Damn, I like his stuff and this is a great radio show some of you may already have, but to those who don't: Get it and enjoy!

02.Hot Love
03.It's Too Late
04.Aldo + DJ talking
05.Cry Baby Cry
06.Fooling Yourself
07.Under the Gun
08.Aldo + DJ talking
09.All Night Long
10.Heart to Heart
11.Hold Back the Night

Aldo Nova:Guitars,Vocals
Paul Horwitz:Keyboards
David Sykes:Bass
Dennis Carmassi:Drums

192 kb/s


The Black Crowes - Handle with care - U.S.A./Pink Pop 1990


This is one of my fave boots and I really recommend it to all of you.

There are two shows on it, one from their 1990 U.S.A. tour and one from the Pink Pop Festival in Landgraaf/Netherlands. They played the Pink Pop Festival on June 4th 1990, I'm not sure about the exact date of the other show. Netherless, they're great and so much better than their studio stuff. When I first listened to it, it blew me away.

Released in 1991 on Magic Mushroom Records, but you don't need any of those to enjoy this! :) Enjoy!

01 - Thick And Thin
02 - You're Wrong
03 - Twice As Hard
04 - Sister Luck
05 - Jealous Guy
06 - Hard To Handle
07 - She Talks To Angels
08 - Jealous Again
09 - Struttin' Blues
10 - You're Wrong
11 - Twice As Hard
12 - Sister Luck
13 - Jealous Guy
14 - Hard To Handle
15 - Stare It Cold
16 - Jealous Again
17 - Struttin' Blues

01-09: U.S.A. 1990
10-17: Pink Pop 1990


Eric Clapton - Frankfurt, Festhalle, June 3rd 2006


Here's an audience recording from Eric's 2006 tour. You can hear people talk sometimes, but it's not really THAT annoying. The performance itself is not really suffering from it. Sure, it's annoying, but not as much as on a lot of other audience recordings.

I don't remember seeing this recording anywhere else yet, so I thought it might be interesting for some of you out there!

01 - Pretending
02 - So Tired
03 - Got to Get Better in a little While
04 - Bell Bottom Blues
05 - Why Has Love Got to be so sad
06 - Everybody Ought to change some
07 - Motherless Children
08 - Back Home
09 - I Am Yours
10 - Nobody Knows You When you're down and out
11 - Running on Faith
12 - After Midnight
13 - Little Queen of Spades
14 - Let it Rain
15 - Wonderful Tonight
16 - Layla
17 - Cocaine
18 - Crossroads


Jimmy Page's Firm - Royal Darkness - Montreal 1985


A silver boot from the 1985 North American Tour (it says USA-Tour on the cover, but that makes little sense since their playing in Canada). This bootleg was released in 1991.

01 - Intro
02 - Fortune hunter
03 - Found somebody
04 - Make up or break up
05 - Prelude
06 - Money can't buy
07 - Satisfaction guaranteed
08 - Radioactive
09 - King's horses
10 - Long black cadillac
11 - You've lost that loving feeling
12 - Midnight moonlight
13 - Tear down the walls
14 - Live in peace

Paul Rodgers - Vocals
Jimmy Page - Guitar
Tony Franklin - Bass/Keyboards
Chris Slade - Drums

192 kb/s

Jimmy Page - For Zeppelin Fans only! New York, Oct 22nd 1988


Not much to say, except: this is a great silver boot, released in March 1991 and worth getting.

01 - Who's to blame
02 - Prelude
03 - Over the hills and far away
04 - Writes of winter
05 - Tear down the walls
06 - Emerald eyes
07 - Midnight moonlight lady
08 - In my time of dying
09 - Prison Blues
10 - Wasting my time
11 - Custard Pie/Black Dog
12 - Train kept a rollin'
13 - Stairway to heaven

Jimmy Page - Guitar (really!!!!)
Jason Bonham - Drums/Vocals
John Miles - Lead vocals
Durban Laverde - Bass

192 kb/s


Led Zeppelin - In through the Outtakes

[Studio recordings]

Ripped from the silver CD of this interesting bootleg from around 1991. Interesting versions of some of the songs. In my humble opinion, "In through the outdoor" is far better than its reputation, so I was happy to find this boot back then.

01 - Carouselambra
02 - Fool in the rain
03 - Light of your love
04 - In the evening
05 - The rover
06 - The wanton song
07 - Sick again
08 - In the light
09 - Trampled underfoot

01-05: Studio Outtakes 1979
06-09: Practice-Room-Rehearsals 1975

192 kb/s

Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

Back from the nearly dead!

Hey everybody,
I'm sorry I didn't post anything for nearly a week. I got very sick and couldn't do anything except throwin' up, trembling, sweating, crappin' water etc etc..... I'm almost back to normal now and will prepare some stuff to upload later, so except me to start posting stuff again tomorrow!

Thanks for being patient and checking back!!!

Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

Journey - Download Festival 2009

[Great audience]

In my humble opinion, this is a perfect example for an audience recording that could beat most soundboard recordings hands down. Why? Well, the sound may be SLIGHTLY inferior to a soundboard recording, no doubt about that, but some (!) audience recordings manage to capture the spirit of the performance and make you feel as if you were among the crowd in a way that no soundboard recording ever could. Needless to say, this is not true for most audience recordings and some people may not share this opinion at all, but this is how I feel about it....

Anyway, if you are into Journey, I cannot recommend this enough! Close your eyes and you'll find yourself in the 10th row, clapping along and having a good time!!!

It's all about the vibe, no digital sound enhancer can create the vibe of a good live show!

01 - Separate ways
02 - Stone in love
03 - Ask the lonely
04 - Change for the better
05 - Wheel in the sky
06 - Faithfully
07 - Don't stop believing
08 - Any way you want it

320 kb/s
Duration: 44 mins.

Neil Young - Saturday Night Live 2005

[TV Broadcast]

Neil appeared on SNL in Episode 09 of Season 31 (!), aired on December 17, 2005.

Not much to say, except: get it if you're into Neil. (You ARE, aren't you?)

-It's a dream
-He was the king

Bitrate: 1169 Kbps
Duration: 9:44 mins.