Sonntag, 1. November 2009

John Mellencamp - Sessions At West 54th Street, Oct 2nd 1998


After all the audio, it's time for another video! Here's a fine, energy filled TV-session from 1998! The kinda unusual setting fits the enthusiastic performance perfectly! I forgot to make a setlist, sorry. I'll post one later, but I remember that they kicked it off with "Lonely ol' night" and the last tracks are "Small town" and "Rain on the scarecrow".

Enjoy this video!!! By the way, I have seen a 28 mins version in some trader's list, so if you got that one already, get this one, too - it's five mins longer!!!

Update: Just watched it again, so here's the tracklist:
-Lonely ol' night
-Eden is burning
-Your life is now
-I'm not running anymore
-Ain't that America
-Small town
-Rain on the scarecrow

Time 33:08 mins


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