Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

Leo Sayer - Trenton, War Memorial Theater 1975


As requested, here's another Leo Sayer show!

It's from the same era and again, the sound quality is great. It may be just due to the mix, but the band seems to rock a bit harder on this one. Like the show I posted previously, this one's also full of energy and a great listen! See for yourself if you prefer this one over the other or vice versa. I think both are great and worth checking out.


01 - DJ Intro - Giving It All Away
02 - Oh Wot A Life
03 - Tomorrow
04 - In My Life
05 - Train
06 - One Man Band
07 - The Bells Of St. Mary's
08 - Telepath
09 - Another Time
10 - Long Tall Glasses
11 - The Show Must Go On
12 - The Show Must Go On - Outro

320 kb/s


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