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Blue Cheer - Bonn, Harmonie, April 11th 2008


Blue Cheer - Bonn, Harmonie, Crossroads Festival, April 11th 2008

As most of you will know, Dickie Peterson died in October. In his memory, here's a more recent Blue Cheer show. It was recorded in Germany, where he has been living for a while already.

I don't need to explain the importance of this band for rock music to any of you. The impact they caused with their first album can still be felt and who knows what we might be missing today if it had never been recorded (except for the great album itself, of course!!!). All of you who have seen Blue Cheer live will remember the powerful show and their very sympathetic front man. You could tell how much he was into what he was doing.

He'll be missed!!! Please enjoy this show and remember Dickie!

01 - Parchment Farm  
02 - Rollin' Dem Bones  
03 - Out Of Focus  
04 - Just A Little Bit  
05 - Maladjusted Child  
06 - Summertime Blues  
07 - The Hunter  
08 - Interview  

320 kb/s


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