Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

Ka-boom!!! ...and thanks for voting!


I'm terribly sorry, but I'll have to take another break for a day or two. My computer obviously got infected by a virus from a friend's USB-stick. Damn!!! Gimme a day to fix this and I'll be back posting!

Isn't that just great? It seems that just when I started to feel okay again, my 'puter decided to get sick....

I'm posting this from a friend's machine, but I can't (ab)use it for uploads, of course.

Thanks for voting!!!!!

On a different note: Thanks to everyone who has voted for or against full DVDs or admitted being lost wherever! I really appreciate it. I honestly didn't expect that many people to vote! Cheers!

Consequently, my next post will be a full DVD, I think will probably post one every week or maybe every other week depending on the number and size of files.

Thanks again for understanding and participating!!!

P.S.: Don't worry, the pic above is not a pic of my computer! Gladly, most known malware won't cause it to catch fire!!!

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