Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

Ike and Tina Turner - Portland, March 24th 1974


Ike + Tina Turner - Portland, University Of Maine, March 24th 1974

Something a little bit different for you... When it comes to Tina Turner's career after her comeback in the eigthies - I couldn't care less!!! It obviously was a huge success with millions of people out there, but I just can't stand it. If she wants to cultivate a hedge on her head, fine with me! Sadly, that alone won't make her money I guess....

Whatever - this is a nice show, check it out! Tina doesn't join the band until "Sweet Soul Music", so don't let her absence during the first track confuse you! The crows seems to enjoy this a lot, I hope you will, too!

01 - Intro - Space Race 
02 - El Burrito  
03 - I Feel Allright  
04 - Shaft  
05 - Sweet Soul Music  
06 - With A Little Help From My Friends  
07 - Get Back  
08 - A Love Like Yours  
09 - Come Together  
10 - Nut Bush City Limits  
11 - Proud Mary  
12 - Been Loving You Too Long  
13 - Wanna Take You Higher  
14 - Respect

320 kb/s



  1. No one like Tina! RIP Ike

  2. Dead link - fuck off!

  3. If there is a chance of re-posting this, we're requesting it. thanks,


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