Dienstag, 10. November 2009

Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds - Guns without Roses - Paris 92

Espace Orano, Paris, France 09/30/1992

Do you remember this short lived band Izzy Stradlin formed after "leaving" Guns 'n' Roses. They released a pretty good self titled album and went on a worldwide tour. I went to see them play in a pretty small club back then and it was a good show, a lot of fun!

For those who remember and those who'd love to, here's a nice silver boot from 1992, released on Klondyke Records. It sounds really good. I'm not sure if this is a good audience or a soundboard recording.... Unanswered questions, so let the music do the talking!

01 - Unglued
02 - Bucket o´ Trouble
03 - Cuttin´ The Rug
04 - Highway 49
05 - Shuffle It All
06 - Crackin´ Up
07 - Time Gone By
08 - Ho Will It Go
09 - Gotta Wanna Go
10 - Somebody Knockin´
11 - Train Tracks
12 - Take A Look At The Guy
13 - Pressure Drop
14 - Wipe Out
15 - Been A Fix
16 - Rock´n´ Roll Pills

192 kb/s


  1. Hello !!! Nothing is mentioned on this record but This show was the first live Stradlin's solo projet ever. It took place at the espace ornano in Paris (I was there) it was the 30 september 1992

  2. I'm most likely just an idiot, but I can't find the link to listen to these recordings. Where is it?

  3. Found it, sorry for bothering!