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The Black Keys - Chicago - Taste of Randolph St. 2006-06-17

[Great Audience]

Isn't it amazing how much two guys can rock if they know how to do it? Well, The Black Keys surely know how to rock! Their - among others - Zep-influenced tunes won't give you the idea that there are only two guys playing! The pics alone will show you that these guys are the real deal! Just wait 'til you've heard them play (that's in case you're not familiar with their music!).

A friend of the guys came up with the name, it describes people you can't trust. They get compared to The White Stripes a lot, but I guess nobody would do that if they weren't a two-piece. In my humble opinion, the blues influences in The Black Keys' music is much higher, but that's just my two cents....

This show was recorded at the Taste of Randolph St. Open Air in 2006. It sounds awesome, credits go to whoever taped this, you did an awesome job! Check this out and enjoy!

01 - Just Got To Be
02 - Girl Is On My Mind
03 - Thickfreakness
04 - Stack Shot Billy
05 - Busted
06 - Strange Desire The Flame
07 - 10 A.M. Automatic
08 - Grown So Ugly
09 - Your Touch
10 - You're the One
11 - Set You Free
12 - No Trust
13 - Modern Times
14 - Till I Get My Way
15 - Have Love Will Travel

192 kb/s

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