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The Vines - ABC Studio 262, Sydney 27-04-2006


Australia's The Vines have been described as "Beatles meet Nirvana" and while that's not too far from the truth, there's more to them in my opinion. Well, let's say they're simply a good rock band - no need for stupid labels!!!!

They were about to become super stars a few years ago, they were touring worldwide and their albums sold very well. They even made it onto the cover of Rolling Stone magazine:

Their singer/guitarist/songwriter Craig Nichols was thought to be the "next Kurt Cobain", also because he was acting strange at some times, told reporters crazy made up tales about the band and their future plans, some labelled him a psycho...

After he attacked a photographer and smashed her equipment and charges were pressed, it was revealed that he's suffering from Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism. The charges were dropped and Craig started getting treatment.

Since the diagnosis, The Vines have stopped touring, but have played a few shows in Australia. So here's one of the few chances to listen to them play live. This is a radio session they played in 2006. They're playing tracks from all of their albums, so it's a good chance to check them out in case you don't know them. For those who know and like them.... well.... it's a treat!


I received this show as one file, so I decided to split the file into the individual tracks, I think that's much more convenient for you! Of course, nothing's missing, it's the full show!

- Nothings Comin'
- Vision Valley
- Dope Train
- Highly Evolved
- Spaceship
- Outtathaway
- Don't Listen to the Radio
- Gross Out
- Winning Days
- Ride
- Fuk Yeh
- Ms. Jackson
- Anysound
- Get Free

192 kb/s

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