Dienstag, 10. November 2009

Jackson Browne - For every man - Mountain View, CA 1986


Here's another one of my fave boots! I really recommend this one, it sounds great and the performance is outstanding. I actually bought several copies of it back then in 1991 or 1992 and gave them away as presents because this is so great...

As on any release on the Good Karma label, the quality is first class, but no recording date or venue is mentioned. Well, I found out it was recorded in San Francisco in 1986, so I can give you that much info....

Update: I was informed by a visitor that it was recorded on 8-23-1986 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA! Thanks to the anonymous visitor for the info!

01 - Boulevard
02 - Shape of a Heart
03 - For Everyman
04 - Soldier of Plenty
05 - Black & White
06 - Late for the Sky
07 - Lives in the Balance
08 - Lawless Avenues
09 - For America
10 - Doctor My Eyes
11 - Somebody's Baby
12 - Downtown
13 - For a Rocker

192 kb/s


  1. Many many thank you very much for this great artist and show. All the best

  2. This is an incomplete recording.

    Date/Venue/City should be:
    8/23/86 - Shoreline Amphitheater - Mountain View, CA

  3. Thanks for the information.

    I never claimed it was a complete show, it's the complete silver boot though! If you have a complete version, please get in touch! Thanks again!

  4. Hi, part 2 is not available, pls repost...ty

  5. http://bootlegtunzworld.org/archivearea/2011/07/jackson-browne-for-every-man-san-francisco-1986/

    check this out