Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

John Cougar (Mellencamp) - Overdrive - Boston 1989


You just can't go wrong with this guy! Here's another great silver boot from Johnny.

It says John Cougar on the cover although he was already calling himself John Mellencamp at that time. Also, the funny collage on the cover makes him look like he's either a very small guy or sitting on a giant car!!! Well, who cares, enjoy the fine music!!!!

...and look forward to finding more Mellencamp here in the days to come!

01 - Paper and fire
02 - Jack and Diane
03 - Lonely 'ol night
04 - Check it out
05 - Scarecrow
06 - Rumble street
07 - Small town
08 - Crumblin' down
09 - Play guitar
10 - Gloria (Van Morrison)
11 - Hurts so good
12 - Authority song
13 - Pink houses
14 - Cherry bomb

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  1. came across your blog via guitar 101. This is a great show and a rare one at that. I've been looking for mid-80's early 90's JCM shows for a while but I've never seen this one elsewhere so thanks so much!

  2. John Mellemcamp and Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Warren Zevon (r.i.p.), Jackson Browne are The real american music.
    Great Post

  3. just wandered in off another blog really fancy what your're doing here many thanks for the Mellencamp post