Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

John Mellencamp - Carolina Shag

More great music from John Mellencamp to kick off the day (I'll probably post some more stuff later today!)....
It's Halloween and everyone seems to post some very special Halloween stuff today so I decided to do everyone bothered by Halloween, Halloween posts etc etc a favor and stick to posting the same music I'd post on any other day of the year! This way you have the choice what to go for... All Hallow's Eve or just some good music!
....and good music is what you're gonna get. This is a silver bootleg from 1993 featuring both the Timothy White Session from 1991 as well as a show from Lincoln, Nebraska 1983. Two tracks from the latter where available on the "John's Garage" boot which is more or less the same as the "Welcome to the garage" boot I posted recently with different bonus tracks. Instead of just 2 you'll get 10 tracks here - enjoy!!!
Sound quality is excellent!
Oh yeah, please note the quite interesting set lists for both shows:
01 - Get a leg up
02 - Carolina Shag
03 - Again tonight
04 - Love and happiness
05 - Under the boardwalk
06 - Cherry Bomb
07 - Cold sweat
08 - 30 Days in the hole
09 - Ain't even done with the night
10 - Thundering hearts
11 - Hand to hold on to
12 - Fire and water
13 - Hurts so good
14 - Jack and Diane
15 - Night dancing
16 - I think I'm really in love
17 - I need a lover
01-07: Timothy White Session 1991
08-17: Lincoln, Nebraska 1983
PLEASE NOTE: I have just noticed I have accidently named Track 16 "I need a lover", too. Don't worry, it IS "I think I'm really in love" - my bad! Just rename it and enjoy!
192 kb/s