Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

Journey - Download Festival 2009

[Great audience]

In my humble opinion, this is a perfect example for an audience recording that could beat most soundboard recordings hands down. Why? Well, the sound may be SLIGHTLY inferior to a soundboard recording, no doubt about that, but some (!) audience recordings manage to capture the spirit of the performance and make you feel as if you were among the crowd in a way that no soundboard recording ever could. Needless to say, this is not true for most audience recordings and some people may not share this opinion at all, but this is how I feel about it....

Anyway, if you are into Journey, I cannot recommend this enough! Close your eyes and you'll find yourself in the 10th row, clapping along and having a good time!!!

It's all about the vibe, no digital sound enhancer can create the vibe of a good live show!

01 - Separate ways
02 - Stone in love
03 - Ask the lonely
04 - Change for the better
05 - Wheel in the sky
06 - Faithfully
07 - Don't stop believing
08 - Any way you want it

320 kb/s
Duration: 44 mins.

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