Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

Journey - Graspop Metal Meeting 2009


Another one of the festival shows Journey played in Europe during the summer. The set is great, the sound is a bit distorted at times, I'm sorry for that, but I think it's still a quite enjoyable show if you're into Journey. Also, the show is longer than Download Festival set, they played for app. 70 mins.

I have ripped the pics from the video to wet your appetite! ;) Enjoy!!!

01 - Separate ways
02 - Stone in love

03 - Ask the lonely

04 - Change for the better

05 - Lights

06 - Edge of the blade
07 - Wheel in the sky

08 - Chain reaction

09 - One more

10 - Wildest dreams

11 - Faithfully

12 - Don't stop believing

13 - Anyway you want it

192 kb/s



  1. ahah! Steve Perry.. my identical twin! :)
    Consolation prize for the runner up being Uploaded now..(Same as first prize..:)
    Yup... The Rev Dr got it...

  2. That's actually not Steve Perry but their new singer! :)

    Does that I mean I'll get a prize, too? Cooool! :)