Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

Leo Sayer - Boston,Paul's Mall, March 9 1975 - REQUEST


Sometimes the stuff you don't really expect to impress you, the stuff you get "just to check out" or because somebody recommended it to you or whatever turns out to be the best.

This is a perfect example. I remember finding this a few years ago and the description on the site I got it from (no idea what site that was though, so if it was yours: THANKS!) sounded kinda interesting, so I downloaded it "just to check it out" and was VERY surprised how good this turned out to be.

I guess what makes this so appealing in the first place is the fact that you can tell how much fun Leo had playing this show and this makes it fun to listen to it, too. It just makes you wanna listen to it as a whole instead of skipping forward to check out the songs you know.

The performance is tight and full of "positive energy", putting a smile on your face when you least expect it. This boot is definitely one of the big surprises you can experience if you listen to a lot of shows. Enjoy!!!!


01 - Giving It All Away

02 - Oh Wot A Life
03 - Tomorrow

04 - The Bells Of St.Marys

05 - Train
06 - In My Life
07 - One Man Band
08 - Telepath
09 - Another Time
10 - Drop Back
11 - Long Tall Glasses
12 - The Show Must Go On

192 kb/s



  1. Hello, thanx for sharing. You're fully right.
    I expected nothing, just knew the hits.
    What a great concert!
    Greetings from Germany

  2. I was an assistant engineer on this live Broadcast over WBCN, lead engineer was George Lilly, we worked for Norrthern Recording Studios, it was a terrificshow and Leo was a gentleman and thanked us after the show