Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

John Mellencamp - Deer Creek, Noblesville IN, July 4th, 1992


More quality rock music from John Mellencamp for you guys!

I bought the "Workingman's Rock & Roll" silver boot when it came out on "Royal Sound Music" back in the early nineties. I've enjoyed it ever since, but a few years ago I discovered a more complete version of the same show he played during the "Whenever we wanted" tour.

While the CD has 14 tracks only, here are 25 of them! I guess it's safe to assume that this is the complete show and it's another winner, be sure to grab this one if you're into Mr.Mellencamp's music! I think this version was available as a boot named "The 4th of July" for a while...

Although I am not posting the CD-Rip here - I'm sure you'll prefer to download the full show, I'm posting the artwork anyway, thought you might want to check it out:

01 - Love and Happiness
02 - Paper in Fire
03 - Jack and Diane
04 - Lonely Ol' Night
05 - Check It Out
06 - Rain on the Scarecrow
07 - Martha Say
08 - The Real Life
09 - Rumble Seat
10 - Get a Leg Up
11 - Jackie Brown
12 - Small Town
13 - Minutes to Memories
01 - Now More Than Ever
02 - Pop Singer
03 - Crumblin' Down
04 - R.O.C.K. in the USA
05 - Play Guitar
06 - Hurts So Good
07 - Authority Song
08 - Pink Houses
09 - Cherry Bomb
10 - Love and Happiness
11 - Big Daddy of them All
12 - All Along the Watch Tower




  1. I was at that show...July 4, 1992, at Deer Creek in Noblesville, IN!! I live pretty much right down the road! That was an awesome show! What I wouldn't give to have that one on CD! Thanks for the walk back in time, if only for a moment!

  2. Well, you can download the full show and burn your own CD now.

    Just click on [Rapidshare] at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

  3. many thanks for this mellencamp post looking forward to giving my ears a good blasting with this