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Marillion - Fish's first and last show

Marillion - Bicester, Red Lion Pub 14-03-1981

Here are two goodies for fans of Marillion's Fish-era. First, this is the first show Fish played with Marillion only shortly after joining them.

I'm actually not sure if this is a soundboard or audience recording, my guess is the latter. The sound isn't really bad, but I guessn it has suffered from being copied several times from tape to tape. It's still quite listenable and an interesting document from the history of this band, of course! Hey, that's what you're getting it for, right???

01 - Time For Sale

02 - Madcap's Embrace

03 - Grendel

04 - Snow Angel
05 - Skyline Drifter
06 - The Web
07 - Herne The Hunter

08 - Garden Party


Marillion - St.Andrews, Craigtown Park 23-07-88

[Great Audience]

This, as you can see by looking at the cover, is Marillion's final show with Fish on vocals. It's a really good show, the sound is good although this is an audience recording, but I think it almost sounds like a soundboard recording, it gives you the feeling of being right there enjoying the show! It sure IS a great audience recording!!!

see above! (saves me the trouble of typing it all again...)
Please note that the last three tracks are NOT missing! It's actually a medley, that's why they were encoded as one, but are listed as four tracks on the cover. You are not missing anything!

Mp3 128kb/s

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