Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

The Mynah Birds - Lost recordings (feat. Neil Young & Rick James)

[CD-Rip, Studio recordings]

The Mynah Birds were a short lived Canadian band in the sixties and featured Neil Young and Rick James as well as Bruce Palmer (Buffalo Springfield). These recordings were thought to be lost but resurfaced a few years ago.

For the full (and quite interesting!!!) story, just read this: (click on it for the full size version!)

...and/or their wiki page: Ka-lick

01 - It's My Time
02 - I'll wait forever
03 - Masquerade - Take One
04 - Masquerade - Take Two
05 - Fantasy
06 - I've got you in my soul
07 - Go on and cry

320 kb/s


  1. absurd...
    I would have never said that..
    neil young & rick james playing music together..
    If james wasn't arrested, who knows how it would go ..
    the link is expired, please can you send me this album? i'm really curious..